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Holy Smokes!

Thursday, May 9th, 2013


Nothing beats the thrill and anticipation of watching meat slow cook on a Wood Stone Rotisserie.  Chefs Bill Brizzillara and Julie Stapes from North Carolina State University (Go Wolfpack!) were in the test kitchen this week to try out the Cascade Gas-Fired Rotisserie.  Some of the succulent treats included:

Beef –Brisket, Top Round, Sirloin Flap, and Shoulder Tender.

Chickens– Roasted Whole!

Pork –Baby Back Ribs, Whole Loin.

In addition, there were all sorts of wonderful breads, pizzas, vegetables, appetizers, and entrees that came out of the Fire Deck 6045!

What a day – it’ll be a while until my stomach shrinks back to its normal size!

-Travis Walker, Corporate Sous Chef



What’s cooking? Josper!

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

On April 23rd 2013, Wood Stone was joined in the test kitchen by Chefs Michael Noble and Justin Labosserie from NOtaBLE the Restaurant in Calgary, AB. The Josper by Wood Stone Charcoal Broiler Oven was up to the challenge, knocking out awesome steaks, savory seafood, and a charred romaine salad that was to die for. We also showcased the softer side of Josper, hot smoking sausages, game hens, pork loin, and flat iron steaks at around 250 degrees. All in all, it was another fine day in the kitchen with fine friends! Now Chefs Frank and Travis are wondering, “When are we going to Calgary?”

Modern Flavors of Arabia and Wood Stone!

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013


On Friday, April 19th, the Wood Stone test kitchen was host to cookbook author and chef Suzanne Husseini and restaurateurs Nipun Sharma and Aladdin Khasawneh. Using a dual burner Bistro 4343, the trio produced all manner of Arabian breads, as well as other specialties from Suzanne’s new book Modern Flavors of Arabia.  It was a wonderful chance to see the diversity of cuisines that lend themselves to stone hearth cooking in front of an open flame.

To get yourself a copy of Husseini’s book click here!

Wood Stone Tandoor to be used at Kneading Conference 2013!

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013


Naomi Duguid, world traveler, photographer, cook and author of numerous books (not to mention the current bible on flatbreads), will be teaching a flatbread workshop Thursday, July 25th and Friday the 26th at the Kneading Conference in Skowhegan, Maine. At this festival put on by the Maine Grain Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of grain traditions, Duguid will use a Wood Stone tandoor oven to make her flatbreads.

Duguid says, “[She is] delighted to be able to do a hands –on workshop with a tandoor oven from the Wood Stone Corporation. We’ll be working with leavened wheat flour doughs, and shaping and baking tandoor breads. It’s a rare opportunity to get comfortable with tandoor baking.”

If interested in participating in the Flatbreads Workshop or even in just observing the use and artistry of a Wood Stone tandoor, contact Wendy Hebb at to indicate your interest. Please visit the Main Grain Alliance or the Kneading Conference  itself for additional information.

For any questions about Wood Stone equipment, please call us today at 800.988.8103 or email us at:



Black + Blue + Josper

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Josper, The world’s hottest, charcoal-fired culinary tool landed last night on Downtown Vancouver BC’s sexiest restaurant rooftop!

Black + Blue, already one of Vancouver’s hottest restaurants by Glowbal, became even seductive when it added a Josper by Wood Stone Charcoal Broiler oven to its roof top kitchen equipment arsenal. Thursday night, a group of Vancouver’s international media were in attendance to experience a wide variety of mouthwatering food produced in Josper’s 700-900 °F mesquite-fired chamber.

Glowbal, challenged with Vancouver’s strict wood-fired equipment installation regulations, went above and beyond to get Josper in Black + Blue to offer Canada its first look and taste of Josper. This is destined to be the most talked about and sought after wood-fired experience – Intense heat and smoke – Black + Blue Chef Jason LaBahn’s new favorite seasoning!

–Chef Frank



Rep Gig 2013!

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Wood Stone reps – have you ever wanted to spend some quality time exploring all that we have to offer? Well here it is: your formal video invitation to our Rep Gig 2013!  Join us in-house Thursday, September 12th through Saturday, September  14th for a weekend of info, food and fun!  Please RSVP to


A Wood Stone Installation in Action!

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Want to see a Wood Stone installation in action? Rosemary Rocksalt, a West Vancouver, BC,
bakery posted a video of their oven installation on You Tube – click here to
watch it.
  For any additional questions please reference our installation manuals or call us at 800.988.8103.

Amici’s and Wood Stone Equals Amore

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria was conceived in the mid-1980′s by two of the Bay Area’s East Coast transplants, Peter Cooperstein from Boston,
and Mike Forter from upstate New York. They shared a mutual longing for the unique thin crisp-crust pizzas they’d grown up with back home, and set out on a quest to bring those pies to the West Coast.

With an emphasis on east coast style pizza, they knew two things were essential: the unique recipes that made the pizzas of New York,
Connecticut and Boston so distinctively tasty, and of course, the right domed oven.

They began business with the traditional wood-burning ovens and while these age-old hearths were the perfect storm for the thin, slightly
chewy crusts they loved so much, they had heat retention and deterioration issues that made them inefficient and problematic, especially as the Amici’s began to expand. As a consequence, Cooperstein and Forter set out to find a better oven.

And, in the end, they looked no further than Wood Stone. At the 2000 Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, Amici’s owners met current Wood Stone President Kurt Eickmeyer, and were immediately impressed with his understanding of their business needs as well as with Wood Stone’s ovens.

“Wood Stone ovens are the sturdiest and best made anywhere in the world. The high dome/hearth burner designs allow for better convection, heat retention and faster, more even cooking. That in turn allows for a wider door which is another important factor when you have as many as 500 pizzas in and out of an oven in a single day,” noted owner Mike Forter.

Since 2000, Amici’s has purchased Wood Stone ovens exclusively. As of February 2013,  Amici’s has now purchased 26 Wood Stone ovens for their various locations.


Domenico Crolla: The Pizza Artist

Monday, February 18th, 2013


Who says pizza can’t be art? Certainly, after you take a gander at some of Domenico Crolla’s pizzas the synonymy of the two is apparent. And what’s more, Crolla, Scotland’s prized Italian celebrity chef and the owner of Bella Napoli in Glasgow, UK, bakes his masterpieces in his very own Wood Stone oven!

For more information on Crolla or Bella Napoli click here!

A Facade We Can Get Behind: The Golden Beetle

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Wood Stone is all about artistry. We work to foster it in our equipment, our food, and we are thrilled when others catch the bug!  Just take a look at this local Wood Stone installation at the Golden Beetle in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. The breathtaking tile work will draw your eyes to the center of an amazing kitchen—one that produces some of the most talked about Eastern Mediterranean cuisine in the area.  Just this last year the Golden Beetle made Open Table’s “Most Fit for Foodies”–Top 100 Restaurant List of 2012. With food that’s a feast for your taste buds and a facade that’s a feast for your eyes, the Golden Beetle is sure to impress!